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Travel Around the World in Song

Welcome to my website! For almost three decades now, it’s been an honor to travel the world to sing for families and communities.  I’ve been gifted with so many beautiful songs to sing plus had the chance to write the MLK Day song, The Earth Day Song and “Beautiful Rainbow World”, a song used around the globe to celebrate diversity and teach tolerance.  A few years ago, this site was given a Parent’s Choice Award so I hope you enjoy the resources and freebies. 

In these difficult times when performers are unable to earn a living by playing live, would you consider supporting me as an artist by streaming my music at any of the links above?  Or a small donation through PayPal (hyperlink to https://paypal.me/dariamusic) or PATREON (hyperlink to https://www.patreon.com/dariasworldmusicdreams).  If you feel moved and are capable, any donation would be deeply appreciated!

Stay safe and keep creating art, music and beauty!

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