Dear Teachers:

Music is such a great experience to bring into your classroom!

Whether you are celebrating holidays, exploring new cultures and languages or just having fun, music has a way of opening the ears and the minds of your students. Here are some classroom ideas and projects that you might enjoy!

Class Projects

Build a classroom sized “skin” drum to tie in with Native American studies. Create instruments from recycled materials for Earth Day! Participate in TV Turn-off week with great musical fun for each night of the week! Celebrate MLK Day! Below is a nice long list of fun projects associated with great dates in the school calendar.

Exploring Music Around the World

Discover unusual instruments from around the world, hear what they sound like and make your own versions in class. There are box drums from Latin America (called cajónes), shekeres from Africa, didgeridoos from Australia and much more! Your class can play along with music found in the CD section, color the instruments online or print-out coloring pages for students to take home!

Multi-Cultural Travels

You can see some amazing pictures in Daria's travel section. Then catch the vibe of these great cultures with songs like:

For The Bilingual Classroom

If you are a Spanish/English classroom, you may wish to create a Peruvian box drum (cajón) or a easy guiro from a recycled water bottle. Then, have fun with Daria’s many bilingual songs! Here are some great tunes to check out!

Learn By Listening

What teacher would not want their students to improve their listening skills? Build any of the percussion instruments, then start your own rhythm circle. Even very young children love to practice “call and response” playing. The teacher or leader plays a pattern and the class must listen and repeat. It’s a great way of combining a game with a musical activity, while practicing the essential skill of learning to listen.

Sheet Music For Daria Songs - Daria's Music For Your Classroom

Sheet music for many of Daria’s songs is available in the store. For many songs, Daria also has sing-along versions that can be sent to you for free. If you’d like to purchase any of Daria’s music, downloads are $9.99 or actual CDs are $14.99 per CD, shipping and handling are free. Feel free to check out the albums and songs here.

Tell Daria About Your Classroom!

Nothing is more important than inspiring our children. If there’s something you’d like to share with DARIA or a way she can be a part of your classroom's fun and learning, contact her here.


Enjoy the Website!


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