Dear Friends of All Abilities and
Special Education Parents and Teachers:

I hope you will find many great ideas and projects here in this website.


Make an Instrument - Just For You!

Everything in the "Make an Instrument" section is made from “around the house” materials and can be made and enjoyed as a way to bring music, rhythm and movement into daily activities.

Finding Your Own Rhythm

The drums and rhythm Instruments are great ways of connecting with inner rhythms. Whether you are making a see-through rattle with some cool fillings, shaking and passing a shekere or plucking a string-thing, you’ll find awesome ways to explore musical creativity. You can create your own beats, play along with your favorite music or explore best-loved songs or multi-cultural music in Daria’s CD section.

Noise Sensitivity

If noise sensitivity is a problem, I recommend making instruments that are quiet but very enjoyable, such as rattles with sand, salt or sugar filling or a shoe-box cajón drum that is tapped with the fingers or patted with the palms of the hand. These instruments are great fun to create, personalize and keep a beat beautifully without being overly loud or harsh in tone.

Daria's Songs and Special Education

Daria’s songs are a part of programs in various schools serving special needs children and adults. You can find your favorite ones here, whether they are silly songs, or some of the others listed below:

Contact Daria

Would your students or child like a special signed Daria poster or some other goodie sent to them? If so, contact Daria as she loves to be a part of the education and inspiration of all kids!


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