A Song For New Babies And New Parents:
“For All The World’s Children”

For many people, the time when they are expecting a new baby is filled with hope and anticipation.

If you’re expecting a new baby or know someone who is, you’re probably thinking about the many wishes that people have for a new child. For many parents this song conjures up not only their personal wishes for the new being coming into their arms – but for every new baby that arrives on our fine planet.

As a special part of the MKB “Virtual Baby Shower”, we’re sharing this song as our gift to any and all new parents:

For All The World's Children

For All The World's Children

© 1997 D.A. Marmaluk-Hajioannou

For all the world’s children
Here’s a song and a prayer
That you’ll reach out for love
And it will always be there

That you’ll rise like the wind
And glow like the stars
And always remember
How special you are

That you’ll always find friendship
And folks who are kind
Who can share your joy with you
And sharpen your mind

And that home will be a place
From which the best journeys start
And that you’ll soar in your lifetime
On wings of the heart

For all the world’s children
I wish justice and peace
And a world that respects you
And your dignity

So you can rise like the moon
And shine your light far...
And always remember
How special you are


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