Over the past few years, we've had some really fun musical crafts, activities and coloring pages on our monthly song page. We've archived them here so you can enjoy them anytime!




Bilmas- Make your own Bilma - Australian-Style Clapsticks (Rhythm Sticks)

Bohdran Drum- Make your own Irish Bohdran Drum and Tipper
Bohdran Drum

Button Castanets - An Easy Version of Spanish-Style Castanets or Castañuelas
Button Castanets

The Cajón- How to make and play this "box drum" from Peru.
the Cajón

The Chinese Gong- Instructions on how to make one and a Chinese astrology chart
the Chinese Gong

Christmas/Holiday Greeting in 18 Languages - Learn 18 different holiday greetings
Holiday Greetings

The Didgeridoo- How to make and play this unique instrument from Australia
the Didgeridoo

The Dreydl(Dreidel) Game- How to play it and what the Hebrew letters mean.
the Dreydl

Easy African Drum- Make your own African style drum
the African Drum

Egg Carton Monster Rattles- based on the Peruvian Jawbone Rattle
Egg Carton Monster Rattles

Egyptian Sistrum- How to make one from recycled materials
the Eco-Egyptian Sistrum

Egyptian Sistrum- How to make one from natural materials
the Natural Egyptian Sistrum

Egyptian Sistrum- A coloring page with AWESOME hieroglyphics!
the Egyptian Sistrum Coloring Page

Groundhog Day Pop Up Puppet Activity- to accompany
Groundhog's Day Song

Guiro- How to make and play this instrument with Latin-American roots.
the Guiro

Indian Style Ankle Bells - How to make and play your own Indian Style "Ghungroo"
Ankle Bells

Jingle Bells- Make you own jingle stick or jingle bells for your wrists or ankles
Jingle Bells

The Ocean Drum- Make Your Own Version from Recycled Materials!
the Ocean Drum

Pow-Wow Drum- Make and play your own frameless Pow-Wow style drum.
Pow-Wow Drum

Pow-Wow Drum Beater
the Pow-Wow Drum Beater

Rainstick- How to make and play this unique and soothing instrument found in several locations around the world.
the Rainstick

Recycled Turtle Shell Rattle
the Turtle Shell Rattle

Shekere- Make and play your own Shekere, including a sticker shekere craft
the Shekere

String-Thing- Make and play your own simple stringed instrument
the String-Thing

Tingsha Handbells- Make and play your own simple set of small handbells
the Tingshas

Vuvuzela- Make and play your own homemade vuvuzela stadium horn
the Vuvuzela

Musical Washboard- Make and play your own version of this old-timey instrument.
the Washboard

Zampoñas/Panpipes- Make your own version of traditional Andean panpipes.
the Zampoñas/Panpipes

Can't find a musical craft you've seen on this site? E-mail me at dariamusic at yahoo dot com and I can help locate it for you!

Coloring Pages/Posters

Balalaika Coloring Page

Cajón Coloring Page

Charango Coloring Page

Dhol Coloring Page

Didgeridoo Coloring Page

Dreidel Coloring Page

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Egyptian Sistrum Coloring Page

Erhu Coloring Page

Guitar Coloring Page

Guiro Coloring Page

Ground Hog Day Puppets Coloring Page

Here Come Our Mothers - Kids Page - Coloring Page

Here Come Our Mothers - Moms Page - Coloring Page

Hispanic Heritage Month Mini-Poster

Martin Luther King "Rainbow" Coloring Page for younger children

Martin Luther King "Rainbow" Coloring Page for older children

Musical Monster Rattles Color It Yourself Monster Faces

Pow-Wow Drum Coloring Page

The Shekere Coloring Page

The Sitar Coloring Page

Ukulele Coloring Page

Musical Washboard Coloring Page

Zampoñas Coloring Page




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