Hello Homeschoolers!

This website is a perfect place to begin a fun and imaginative exploration of the world of music.


Explore Instruments

Check out the Instrument section where you can learn, listen, color and create your own didgeridoos, shekeres, box drums, pow-wow drums and much more. Projects here all use materials that are found around the house or yard, so you reduce, reuse, recycle and rock without having to go to the store for supplies!

More Instruments

In the future we’ll be adding more awesome instruments to make and play such as ocean drums, Iroquois water drums, trash can steel drums, tambourines and much more. We’ll also be adding instructions for more complicated projects suitable for older students or for parent/child collaboration. If there is an instrument that you like and want to “take it to the next level”, e-mail Daria and she can help you find additional instructions, resources, etc.


If you enjoy singing or sharing music with family and friends, check out Daria’s songbook for dozens of great songs as well as silly songs and foreign language songs. Did you know that the song “Do Your Ears Hang Low” has seven verses and they are incredibly hard to sing?

Daria's Travels

When Daria was a girl she dreamed about traveling around the world and sharing music. Although there are many countries she hasn’t visited yet, she has had some amazing adventures in South America, the Middle East and across the United States and Puerto Rico.

Where will your dreams take you?

Share Your Learning with Daria

If you’d like to share your songs, ideas, instruments or musical creations, contact Daria. She is always thrilled to hear from Homeschooling students and families!



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